Sunday, April 17, 2011

Death changes perspective of living

We live and we die. But whereas living, most of us do not preserve the thought of dying in mind. An individual affected by an incurable disease might maintain it in his/her mind, but not a standard individual suffering from unusual ailments. For a very huge population on the earth, life is perpetual. That's how they think and live. Is this a proper angle? To a sure extent this is a proper perspective and at instances, wrong. Let us analyze further.

We not solely stay our life pondering that we will not die, however we also behave with others as in the event that they may even not die. Let me provide you with an example. Allow us to speak about a friend. He/she does one thing or speaks something. We're deeply hurt. We feel bad, and we start blaming the other individual for many things. We don't think of forgiving and carrying on. Why? Suppose that buddy of ours meets his/her loss of life after a week. What can be our response? We are going to go in a remorseful temper and blame ourselves. The dangerous emotions that we had for that individual loses all of the meaning. That particular person is no extra and no essential analysis or one-upmanship will assist now. The scenario has modified totally.

Accidents happen everyday. Anyone of us might die at any moment. Nobody is aware of about the time of his/her death. We all believe that we'll stay to a ripe old age and will die only after that. Generally, we do not even consider that. How about altering our perspective? How about preserving the thought in our thoughts always that - the particular person I am hating a lot now, or I'm arguing with so much now, could even die after an hour by assembly with some freak accident. This will likely change our perspective about all our relationships. Is this not true? It can change our thoughts about ourselves also. We are going to all start pondering more of in the present day and fear less about tomorrow.

Life is precious. Every life could be very precious. Each coronary heart is precious. Why harm anyone including your own self? Forgive everyone. Begin with yourself. Let dying change our perspective.

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