Friday, August 29, 2008

Battle to be fastest haggis eater

Competitors from across the globe are set to take part in the World Haggis Eating Championship, in Perthshire.
Whoever gets through 1lb of the Scottish dish in the fastest time will be named the winner, taking away a cup and a bottle of whisky.
Last year's event was won by Mick Lowe, from Fife, but he faces a challenge from contestants from Australia, New Zealand and the US and other Scots.
The championship is being held as part of the 125th Birnam Highland Games.
It features the traditional haggis - made from sheep innards, oatmeal, and spices - although organisers may add vegetarian versions in future.
'Quite a mouthful'
One of the main challenges is expected to come from dentist Todd Kamena, the son of the mayor of Livermore, in California.
He has been trying to claim the title for the past three years and has promised not to stop until he wins.
Event organiser Bob Lindsay told the BBC Scotland news website it was not an easy contest.
He said: "It's a plate of haggis, with a plastic knife and fork and everybody who has entered sits down at the big table.
"It's quite difficult because it's plastic knives and forks and the plastic sometimes breaks.
"It's also quite a mouthful - they are offered a can of lager to help digest it - and most of them do take that up."

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